For the Admirers

gallery-on-nassau-_orange1We get all sorts of people at Gallery on Nassau. Some come to Gallery on Nassau enjoy art for art’s sake. For them, looking at good painting is parallel to reading a good book.

Also, some come to our gallery for home décor. They view artwork as a part of the environment, and their choice in art is not dependent on what their furniture is. Our homeowners’ choice of frames gives any piece of art space in any room. It’s just a matter of preference. We give homeowners tools to see what pieces of art with different frames would look like in their home. They buy pieces they love, and we help them frame it so that it works with their home. We can show you highly interchangeable and versatile ways of displaying art!

Gallery on Nassau also attracts people who want to financially invest in art. Unlike stocks, where you keep tabs through a brokerage firm, a painting is something you can enjoy everyday in your own home or office. Back in the early 1990s, the folks who started Gallery on Nassau visited the headquarters of a prestigious Wall Street firm. In the lobby area, a wonderful piece by Jackson Pollock hung on a wall and was beautifully lit. The firm did not state the purchase price of the piece, but it was probably around $5 million. It turned out the firm purchased the piece, because the financiers of the firm believed Pollock would be worth considerably more in 15 years. They were correct in their assessment, because in November 2006, Pollock’s No. 5, 1948 became the world’s most expensive painting, when it was sold privately to an undisclosed buyer for the sum of $140,000,000. We pride ourselves in displaying pieces whose work deserve the attention of investors.

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